Expo Closed

The 2023 Juneteenth Business Expo presented by TheBlack.Blog and HeavieTalk Media has closed.

Message From The Creators

The 2023 Juneteenth Business Expo presented by TheBlack.Blog and HeavieTalk Media has ended.

In 2022, TheBlack.Blog and HeavieTalk Media created the Juneteenth Business Expo. In doing so we fulfilled key principles: honoring black history, supporting black businesses, and curating a space FOR US. 

We created this expo to highlight, support, and uplift black business owners and black businesses. We truly believe in entrepreneurship and the integral role it plays in creating generational wealth for black families. 

For the 2nd annual Juneteenth Business Expo, we welcomed 12 vendors with unique missions from all across the U.S. 

 Thank you to the vendors for trusting us and participating in this expo! 

Thank you to the expo visitors and shoppers for showing out and supporting!  

WE thank you for celebrating Juneteenth with US and supporting our mission! 

Our work doesn’t stop here.

We will continue to support US and create spaces FOR US.

Stay tuned for Entrepreneur Spotlight features and the upcoming National Black Business Month Series

Expo Catalogue 2023

The Catalogue for the 2nd annual Juneteenth Business Expo hosted by TheBlack.Blog and HeavieTalk Media is now available!

TheBlack.Blog and HeavieTalk Media offer a quarterly scholarship to provide support and funding to black businesses in the U.S.

All proceeds collected during the expo will be used to fund the Black Business Scholarship.

Black Business Scholarship

Gigabee Graphics

Gigabee Graphics received the Black Business Scholarship for the fourth quarter of 2022.

Gigabee Graphics looks to highlight artistic expression through design and clothing.

Bene Beauty by Bri

Bene Beauty by Bri received the Black Business Scholarship for the third quarter of 2022.

Bene Beauty by Bri provides handmade skin, body care, and beauty products to help people correct skin issues and maintain skin health naturally.

Let’s celebrate Juneteenth and black businesses.

Juneteenth Business Expo

Welcome to the annual Juneteenth Business Expo presented by TheBlack.Blog and HeavieTalk Media.

The purpose of the expo is to highlight and support black business owners.

Everything will be priced at $18.65, in honor of Juneteenth.

All sales are final.

Expo Hours

The expo will open VIRTUALLY during the Juneteenth holiday!

Opens: 12:00am CST on June 17, 2023

Closes: 11:59pm CST June 19, 2023

Meet the Creators

Learn more about the creators of the expo

HeavieTalk Media is a media company that curates blogs, podcasts, short films and other multimedia, in addition to offering freelance branding, social media marketing and user experience optimization services.

TheBlack.Blog is a black media and news company that curates multimedia art in addition to hosting and collaborating on expos, summits and other events.

Meet the Vendors

Learn about the expo vendors


Resin8Vibes creates handmade vibes that resin8 with you. Each piece is unique and one of a kind.

More than A Conqueror

MtAC was created to design apparel with scriptures and quotes that encourages the person wearing it as well as those you come in contact with.

Roxanne Iniece

Roxanne Iniece  helps moguls in hiding activate the next level of success. Roxanne Iniece is passionate about creating winning business legacies. Known for her straightforward approach, people come to her when they want to finally get it done. No fluff. Just real talk and real results.

A Unique Perspective

A Unique Perspective was developed to create a sacred space for us as African Americans to receive therapy services. AUP pins are mirrors of the healing work.

T&A Gold, LLC

T&A Gold, LLC pampers you from the shower, to the vanity with hydrating skincare to luxury lashes!

Kathy's Creams and Things

Kathy's Creams and Things looks to provide quality skin care to others, using only three to four natural ingredients to help keep your skin healthy and hydrated.

Shady B Fans

Shady B Fans is a hand fan business where the fans ARE the statement. Each fan has a "statement" that represents you and the culture.   

Scorpio Candle Co

Scorpio Candle Co hand-makes candles using all-natural ingredients. They use soy wax, cotton wicks, and fragrance oils. 

Naturally Me Tees

Naturally Me Tees creates merchandise meant to both INSPIRE and EMPOWER people to be proud of who they are NATURALLY!

Handmade Purities

Handmade Purities presents natural haircare and skincare in a different way. Their products give long term results and show immediate benefits.

PreCollege Solutions

PreCollege Solutions is a college readiness coaching and consulting company assisting teens, families, nonprofit organizations, and tutoring companies with the college and scholarship application process.

Stated (& nem)

Stated is a community engagement lifestyle brand with a mission to educate and empower authentically and unabashedly through creative expression, community building, and service.

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